Friday, June 8, 2012

For You My Friend

From Peter Stickney, Licensed Prayer Practitioner at Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

For you my friend:

Finding peace within now that the busy day is done, I relax.
Breathing easily and naturally I take in air and let out air.
Feeling the earth beneath me, supporting me always.
Feeling my head reaching up to the sky, as I relax.

In this moment all is well. I am here, relaxing into now.

I turn my attention inward, looking for a place of peace.
I notice the steady beating of my heart and pause,
Feeling this steady rhythm moving my life blood,
My attention turns to the intelligence creating me.
Going deeper within to find the source of life,
The source of all there is,
I relax into the center
Of my being here now watching the drama unfold
Universally in through and around me.
Where is The creator of all this?
In me and around me
Creation is constant, all through the universe.
I am being created anew every moment and
I am an active participant in this creation.
I accept my thoughts, words and actions are creative.

Carefully choosing my thoughts and how I use them
In words and sentences,
I joyfully claim the following
Are true in my life now.
I am a beautiful child of the earth.
I am grateful for all I have and I share myself generously.
I listen to my intuition and follow my inner guidance easily.
There are avenues of success in financial affairs open to me,
That are calling to me and I am moving toward them now.
There is always a way through all apparent obstacles,
As I continue moving forward with confidence and faith.
I am never alone, I surround myself with my community.
I expand easily into the opportunities opening to me.
I consistently relax, let go, surrender, listen, and follow
My intuition faithfully as I move into my highest good.

Deep in my heart I affirm all is well in truth.
I am very grateful for the safety and security I feel now.
I breathe in and I breathe out; my heart beats regularly.
I am a divine child of the most high and all good is mine.

I release this word into law and love, accepting my good now.
So, I let it be. And so it is.
Blessed Be