Sunday, May 17, 2009

Control of My Thoughts?

I heard a beautiful woman speak this morning and the one phrase that I have been contemplating is her statement: "Control your thoughts." I can no more control my thoughts than I can control the weather or the passing clouds. I can choose to witness them with awareness; I can choose to descriminate whether they are in Truth or something based in illusion. I can make up my own thoughts and release them into the flow of things; I can even have a conversation in my head about the thoughts that arise there. I enjoy the pastime of following them to see where the source of a particular thought came from. I pray I never fall into trying to control my thoughts because I would miss some very unusual, inspiring, divinely ordained, spontaneous thought forms. I would be inviting trouble. The key is to not attach, or identify with thoughts, but to simply observe & discriminate. Practice mindfulness, keen observation and practice being awake. And transcendant of all of this is Peace, Stillness, a quiet Joy, a stirring in soul, a marriage of the divine with the mundane. Holy communion. Praise the One! Amen.

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