Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Opening Day

Hello Friends & Family, My intuition has been urging me to do something new that I have never done before, and well, this is very new. Welcome to my garden variety of on line journaling. Do you know of the "Altissimo Rose"? It's characteristic is the gorgeous red petals, of which there are approximately five or so in each flower. It's simplicity takes my breath away. This rose is outside the window at my desk and computer.
The Parable of the Rose
Ages ago the rose was but a simple flower in a primal world. Then some person admired it and set a plant near the entrance of their cave. they cared for it, nourished it and cultivated it; and the more they cultivated it, the more beautiful it grew--and out of their love and care for the rose, man began to learn the science of rose culture. The more men used the sciece of rose culture they knew, the more they learned of that same science, and all the while the rose grew more beautiful. Comparing the rose of five thousand years ago with that of today, who can describe the roses of two thousand years hence? All of this is but the symbol and pledge of what miracles can come into the life of each of us when we cutlivate our lives as intelligently and faithfully by the love and will of God as we grow roses in obedience to the laws of Nature. This is the Parable of the Rose--a parable God repeats ten thousand times through the whole world that we may never overlook it, nor for a day forget it. Everything a rose will ever need for absolute perfection, God has provided in air, earth and possible nurture, and God put somewhere into the seed the possbibility of its becoming. So God sets in our world the simple beauty of the wild rose and the glory of the cultivated rose, that we may come to realize that our own souls, and our own lives are designed for equal transformation. As we work among our roses, let us never rest content until we know in our own selves some such transofmration as that of the rose. Rev. Milton S. Kanaga

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  1. Hey whats up Mom!!!
    Beautiful picture! I like your blog, keep it up!
    Love, Joe