Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Activity of Consciousness

It is the activity of consciousness, determining the “quantum collapse” of a wave-form into a particle, that brings the world into being. “Consciousness is the agency that collapses the wave of a quantum object, which exists in potential, making it an immanent particle in the world of manifestation,” Goswami writes. Our subjective awareness arises as a result of a “tangled hierarchy” in the brain, a closed loop of self-reference similar to the famous “liar’s paradox” (the man from Crete who insists, “All Cretans are liars”). Since quantum collapse can only occur through a physical brain, the ego is “an assumed identity that the free-willing consciousness dons in the interest of having a reference point.” Esoteric disciplines and techniques of meditation teach us to observe our subjectivity, our ego-hood, with its continuous babble of thoughts and worries, from an outside perspective, a “witness consciousness.” By doing this, we jump out of our individually conditioned viewpoint, the self-referential circuit, and take the transcendent perspective.
From "The Prophets Conference Newsletter"

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