Friday, August 21, 2009

When Enough Is Enough

A fisherman was sleeping on the beach in the shade of his boat and a development expert came along to speak to him.

“Why are you resting?” he asked.

“I have already been out fishing and have caught enough fish to feed my family,” the fisherman replied.

“But if you went out fishing again you could catch more fish.”

“And what would I do with those fish?”

“You could now sell them and with the cash you may buy a bigger net.”

“What would I do with this net?”

“Catch more fish”

“And what would I do with those fish?”

“Sell them and buy a motor for your boat.”

“And why should I buy a motor?”

“To catch even more fish.”

“And what would I do with those fish?”

“Sell even more fish and then you can buy another boat.”

“And why would I want another boat?”

“So you can employ other people to catch fish for you, which would enable you to have leisure and rest. “

“But I am already resting!” the fisherman replied.

Only when we fully understand when enough is enough through our own practice and understanding, will we ever have enough and importantly understand the economics of enough.

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