Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ella Wheeler Cox, New Thought Poetess 1850-1919

[As You Go Through Life]
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
DON'T look for the flaws as you go through life,
And even when you find them
It is wise and kind to be somewhat blind
And look for the virtue behind them.
For the cloudiest night has a hint of light
Somewhere in its shadows hiding.
And it's better by far to hunt for a star,
Than the spots on the sun abiding.
The current of life runs ever away
To the bosom of God's great ocean.
Don't set your force 'gainst the river's course
And think to alter its motion.
Don't waste a curse on the universe--
Remember it lived before you.
Don't butt at the storm with your puny form,
But bend and let it go o'er you.
The Constitution [Atlanta] 20 Jan. 1901: 10.

This woman wrote over 2,000 poems in her day. "The art of being kind" was her religion, and she lived it every day of her life.

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