Saturday, September 26, 2009

Extreme Emotions

I enjoyed this excerpt from "The Unknown She". Andrew Harvey, author of "The Way of Passion" relates this story during an interview: "I was helped very much by a crazy friend of mine in Paris, who is a wild old countess. She was shamelessly angry at everything, and she was so out there, nobody could control her. She would go up to the President and tell him off. She would talk to the so-called great artists of Paris and tell them what rubbish their work was--which it usually was--and she would criticize to their faces the famous film stars. And nobody could control Helene. And one day she was doing her thing at a dinner party and I was there and a man sitting next to her said: 'Helene, you are too much." and she turned to him and said, 'Bertrand, you are not nearly enough!!" Harvey says, "This extremity, this fabulous, gorgeous too-muchness is part of the essence of the essence of God, and if you're going to find your way to that power you're going to have to bless the extreme emotions inside you. You're going to have to purify them without annihilating the source of them....People come to me and say, You care too much about the environment or you care too much about the poor. But, if you think I am too much, wait til you see Jesus! And wait til you see the volcano of the Mother's outrage and the volcano of the Mother's love! Then you'll think that anything I'm showing you is a tiny firefly compared to the Krakatoa of what She really is. So, let's get real around here!" I love his passion....

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