Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Power of Silence

The great philosophy of this silence is that there is in you a mighty nothing, a quietness that has been from the great forever and always will be. It is the master of goodness, that still place, that Holy of Holies. It is your power of abandonment, your child-likeness, and in that, it rests, waiting for you to move. It is a mighty vacuum that causes all motion but in itself does not move. Oh, that being nothing-—nothing of yourself! When that feeling of having so much to do, of being so important, and you must do things or they will not be done, rises up, about that time let go and enter into your own sweet nothingness. Stop thinking. You can do it. Just remember there is a power to stop thinking, and if, suddenly, you should find your mind a blank, know then, you are practicing the perfect concentration of repose.
By Annie Rix Militz

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