Monday, September 7, 2009

"Urim & Thummim"

In ancient days the priests of the Hebrews wore upon their breastplates over their hearts certain jewels called “Urim and Thummim,” meaning "Lights and Perfection,” by which they received answers from God. When their people were beset on every hand by enemies, and at their wits’ ends to know which way to turn, the priests turned to God. After purifying themselves and praying they asked God, “Shall we do thus?“ and they watched the Urim and Thummim jewels for the answer. If the jewels appeared dark and opaque the answer was, No. But if they lighted up, as a human face lights when it hears good news, then the answer was, Yes. And the people grew lighter too, and went and did as God had indicated.
Now, right along beside this story of ancient people I will tell you another—tell it just as ‘twas told to me, by a woman of to-day, whose name you have doubtless heard. She writes: “I was washing my breakfast dishes one morning and the thought came to me that I would go and see a friend who lived several miles away. I finished my work and started to dress for my journey, when there came over me such a feeling of depression, or despondency, or gloom, that I was startled. I kept on getting ready, at the same time trying to reason away the feeling. But it would not go. Finally, having donned my hat and one glove I started for the door, when such a wave of heaviness came over me that I went back into my room and sat down, and I said ‘God, I want to know the meaning of all this.' And the answer came loud, strong, firm, ‘Stay at home.’ I staid, and as I took off my coat and hat such a feeling of lightness and relief came over me that I seemed to walk on air. At the time I supposed the voice (I call it a voice for want of a more defi nite term) had told me to stay at home because someone was coming who needed my help. But no one came that day or night, and several times the thought flitted through my mind that perhaps it was all nonsense after all, and that I might as well have gone. Well, the outcome was that the train I would have taken, had I gone, met with a fearful accident wherein many were killed or badly wounded. This is only one of many such experiences I have had.” And I could tell you still others on my own account.
The One Great Intelligence has built in every human heart a "Urim and Thummim,” which, as a guide, transcends any human brain that ever existed, or ever will.
Elizabeth Towne

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