Thursday, September 17, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Tolle

One of my favorite teachers and mentors, Eckhart Tolle, speaks about his answer to the following question: "Eckhart, you say that we are in a "flowering of human consciousness", you say that there is an "expansion of light" happening throughout the world in people of all nations- yet when I look objectively at the world and what is going on around the world, all I see is increasing negativity, increasing corruption, increasing fear and violence. So which is true? Is the light increasing or is the dark increasing? Eckhart's answer: Both. Right now there is an escalation of both the light and the dark of humanity.
My observation: First of all, if we rely only on the mainstream media to tell us what is going on around the world, we will definitely be informed of more dark things than light things. The only places you can really receive news of the many expansions of light and love today are on alternative sights on the internet and through your own telepathic receivers in your own heart. I suggest we all learn to hear via the latter resource more and more. Who knows how long we will have access to things like the external internet.
Second, I think it is of utmost importance that we recognize the big picture of what we are going through. There are many different versions and interpretations of this time cycle: 2012, the age of Aquarius, a new millenia, a 100 year cycle, a 500 year cycle, a 2,000 year cycle, a 12,000 year cycle, a 26,000 year cycle, and according to the mayan view, a cycle that has been going on since the formation of the solar system, many millions of years, is coming to a fruition point. When? Now! Right now. Between the years 2007 and 2015! We are living and breathing and experiencing it right now.
So is it any wonder that these days might feel a little weird or a little uncomfortable? There is probably a bit more of that to come I suspect. Maybe more than a little discomfort. We are all, male and female, getting ready to give birth. Have you every witnessed a birth? It's not always the most tranquil scene during the last few minutes. Often there is screaming, hysteria, intensity, a point of surrendering all control and then.... a miracle!
What can we do or not do to best move through this? Well, first we can recognize that we are not starting form scratch at this moment. We have all been preparing for this our whole lives. Everything we have experienced, every book we have read, every class or workshop we have taken, every loss or hurt or painful thing, every close relationship, every interaction with nature has been teaching us things to prepare us. Every insight, every ah ha, every moment of breakthrough, every feeling of oneness, of connection to the universe, to God, to Source, to all Life, every mystical or magical moment in our lives or in our dreams has been preparing us. So we don't need start preparing we can just continue. Everything every enlightened teacher has ever said about enlightenment or samahdi or salvation or zen or inner peace or the flowering of consciousness has all been pointing the way toward where we are going.
Reaching the point in my own inner experience where I have enough stillness in the heart that I can begin witnessing my own mind instead of just "being my mind"- this is a significant threshold.
The great Hindu teacher and sage, Ramana Maharshi's simple instruction to all: "The answer to all questions is to turn the direction of attention from the external world back into the self and ask: who is the "I" that is asking?" He said the "I" thought is the ego and once seen it begins to dissolve.
When I begin to detach my sense of self from the "I" thought, - when the matrix of thoughts in my mind that have constructed the idea of "me" and "this is who I am" begins to be seen as just thoughts and not the entirety of who I am- When this matrix of thoughts is seen as "not I", then the self inquiry shifts from "who am I ?" to "what am I ?". I begin to see beyond the membrane of the little capsule of the little me, and begin to feel 'self-ness' present in that which is beyond the little me- "I am That". As the membrane of the little me becomes translucent and then becomes porous and then begins do dissolve into nothing, it is seen to be just a 'bubble' temporarily floating within the vast body of 'water' (consciousness). The bubble is part of the water, not really separate from the water, actually one with the water. In our case, the sense of identity with the bubble can shift, from bubble to water, even while the bubble's membrane remains present. It is the awareness and experience of being "I am That I am", I am the water that is the source of all bubbles- this is the shift we are moving towards.
We are Ascending. The energetic frequency and vibratory rate of the atomic substance the forms body and mind and emotion- all these are moving into a higher rate of vibration along with the whole planet and solar system. The vibratory rates that allowed an illusion of separation are changing to a vibratory rate that can only allow a unity consciousness to exist. This is why there is no need to resist anything evil. There is no need to battle with evil. All evil contains within it the seeds of its own dissolution. It cannot exist in the new state. It simply will no longer exist. This will occur in real ways through real people by changes in their consciousness and each of us has our own role to play in this. Our greatest tool to change the world away from evil and corruption and selfishness IS NOT guns or money or votes, although all these things a more play their role at certain times. Our greatest tool to change the world is our own ability to change our own heart, our own focus of attention and our own intention.
Our greatest obstacle or challenge right now is not the evil corrupt people behind the scenes of world events- our greatest obstacle is OUR OWN fear of these people, OUR OWN anger towards these people and our own mental state of feeling LESS POWERFUL than these people.
If we allow the bulk of our attention to be turned toward resisting or fearing evil, then are choosing to feed the evil. If we hold onto our vision of what is being born, and what our own role is in bringing in the Light, then that is what we choose to take part in creating. Either way the Light will be left standing and the downward pulling vortex will be gone. We choose how fun and easy or how difficult our part will be.
We are ascending. We are living through and experiencing the culmination of millions of years of patient loving creation. This is very very exciting. We are so privileged. Resist not evil. Give it no power. "Get thee behind me" really means " step aside, although you clamor for my attention, you are not important enough to be given my attention- there is so much more wonder and beauty here at hand to attend to. God bless you and I pray that you are taken into the light and transformed with us all". This is my attitude toward all news of more dastardly deeds.
Let us move forward into the next few years with a spirit of adventure and exploration and celebration. Let us be love in action. Let us give attention to that which brings us joy and share this as much as possible with each other. Everything else will fall away and sort itself out. Be love in action

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