Monday, October 19, 2009

A Good Indignation

The previous post of yesterday's quotes seems to have lodged itself in my brain. (See yesterday's entry.) "Good Indignation?" What does this look like? In order to initiate some movement in regards to this embedded post of yesterday, what if I were to try on some "good indignation" and see what powers come of it? I indignantly claim my good, my financial windfall, all of the gifts, acceptance, and success in my creative projects, and I indignantly take back my power from the sisters of my childhood who broke my doll, smashed my guitar, and sulked with their own indignant jealousy and resentment leaving me trapped in powerlessness and lack. I, with "good indignation", proclaim that no one is in my way of my good!! How's that? Does this match the "Good Indignation" that Emerson talks about? I feel stirrings within of a new felt freedom, an excitement that something is being born within me that I have longed for...What are your thoughts on this "good indignation" concept. Is there such a thing? If you try it on how does it fit for you? I would love your feedback on this.

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  1. Hmmmm.
    For me this word, 'indignation' has taken on the more contemporary use, and this is hard for me to circumnavigate. I believe Emerson is using it to mean closer to our "empower..." to be filled up with the sense of one's good, and the willingness to jump into this Good!