Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Trick of Gravity

From the 2os to the 50s sounds like a journey from youth to old age in terms of years, doesn’t it? Yet, at 57 I feel as young as I did at 29. I look in the mirror and I often do not know who that is looking back at me. I recognize the eyes, the smile, but the overall look isn’t reflecting the inner youth, the eternal Sanna that I hang with everyday. I recently spent an evening with a group of 20 somethings and I noticed something. These young adults were able to leap to the floor, squat and sit Indian style in one breath. Wow! I need at least 3 minutes to even reach the floor and forget squatting!! Yet, I am not old by any means. Gravilty is having its way with us all, and as this flesh and bone yields closer to the earth and to the power of it in form, the Spirit seems to soar in the opposite direction. I am becoming younger not unlike Benjamin Button in that movie. I can’t remember if, at birth, I pondered how wise and ancient I felt, and yet my body was so young and brand new.

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