Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Prayer forThe Noble Turkey

The wild common turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) of North America is a far cry from its domesticated relative, but domestication and selective breeding have not gotten rid of the farm-raised turkey’s natural instincts. The wild turkey prefers woodlands near water. It eats seeds, insects, and an occasional frog or lizard. When alarmed it may run rapidly to cover; it can fly strongly only for short distances (about 0.4 km, or 0.25 mile). Behavior observed in domesticated turkeys rescued from factory farms shows that, when given the opportunity, they forage, roost in trees, preen, and take dustbaths. Contrary to their reputation, according to animal researchers, turkeys are sociable and intelligent; even hunters concede that turkeys are smart and wily.

Thank you blessed turkey bird for giving your life that I may know the joy of your flesh, your spirit. May you know gentle loving care always, may you be treated with respect and kindness. I eat you today with a blessing in my heart for all that you are. Amen.

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