Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"A Hummingbird's Delight"

I finished working on this pressed flower collage today and had it outside on my little porch spraying some sealant on it. I stood there staring at the piece losing myself in the floral imagery when a humming creature joined me, zummed right up next to me and looked at the piece along side me. I didn't even turn my head; we both stood there looking at the picture together--a hummingbird and me. When I realized that I was not alone I turned to look at my companion who shimmered in irredescent green. It looked at me as if disappointed in being tricked into thinking it could sup necture from the color and hummed away in an arc over the lanky cymbidium leaves. It took me awhile to realize what a little messenger of Spirit my friend was to me today. I feel I had a special visitor, a guest, invited by the splendor of Spirit's creativity blooming through me. What an affirmation. I think I might title this piece "A Hummingbird's Delight" or something. By the way that hibiscus bloom in the center is for real! Thank you Patricia!

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