Friday, January 8, 2010

Multitasking Generation

There he was. Spoon in his left hand, a cup of oatmeal in his lap, and texting on his blackberry with his right hand. Who was driving? His knees. Where was I? I was sitting in the passenger seat, sinking into mother-worry. "At least give me the spoon!" I whined. I knew that if I, as his mother, were to exert control over his behavior that I would not be in his company for some time. So, I did my best to sit in pray and allow wise words to come out of my mouth in a soothing, reasoned manner. "You know if your car were to have a blow out you would most likely lose control, don't you?" "I just got new tires on it, Mom" Oyyyyyy..........!! I will always give him my words of wisdom, but as a young adult he rides under God's protection and will arrive where he is bound to go. Thank you God!!

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