Monday, February 15, 2010

Your Purpose Fulfilled

In moments
Of my quiet
I walk.
Navigating along trails
Near singing stones in
Rain swollen creeks,
Canopied by the dangling grey
Lichens draped among the
Moss-covered tree limbs.
My wings catch a current-
I am lifted up,
I begin to soar.
A frisky, friendly smile
Acts not unlike a
Sprinkle of fairy dust-
My stride lightens.
Another family-warm
Grin wraps its kindness
Around my aching heart.
My steps quicken;
I breathe a sigh of thanksgiving
For the love of strangers.
Do you know the power of your smile?
The potency of that sparkle in your eye?
You healed someone today
By your gesture of warmth.
Your smile,
Your kindness,
Lifted me up today.
You have fulfilled
Your purpose in a
Single moment.
by Sanna Rose

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