Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh Divine Universe

Oh Divine Universe,
gather together to form
one great ball of light
and allow it to come forth
with my Divinity.
Let the power surge of energy
enter my center core
and rejuvenate all that is ailing.
That which I can see and feel
and that which I cannot.
Let it mend cell by cell,
getting rid of what is toxic
to my human form and its tissue.

Let each beam of energy
run fierce through my veins
and purify them,
exiting out of each digit
on my hands and feet.
Let it shine out
through the top of my crown
to the limitless sky.

Allow recharging energy Oh Goddess,
wrap me in your Divinity
and warm glow.

Mother Nature,
grab hold of my ankles
and keep me grounded.

May the trees keep me balanced and steady
and the sky, day or night humble, and dreamy.

by Halijo Webster

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