Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amish Grace

I watched a tv movie called Amish Grace. This was a fictional account of a school shooting in the Amish community that resulted in the deaths of 5 children. The main character struggled with forgiveness, found it too difficult for awhile to practice turning the whole affair over to God. Her journey that brought her to peace and forgiveness is a journey that I took with her as I watched the drama. I identified with the main character in so many ways because I harbored feelings of unforgiveness from childhood events, from work situations, from so many interactions that I thought I had come to terms with. I joined this character in surrendering all unforgiveness into a greater power that is in charge of making things right. I let go of being angry, hurt, victimized and found inner peace. The FREEDOM I experienced in my body has stayed with me. I know freedom like never before. I say thank you to the Amish.

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