Saturday, March 5, 2011

Art is a Spiritual Practice

Image above: "Ribbon Dancer" by Sanna
"What we are learning is that for every situation in our lives, there is a thought pattern that both precedes and maintains it. So that our consistent thinking patterns create our experience. By changing our thinking we also change our experience...The basic step is to confront what we actually believe." Suzi Gablik
According to Pat Allen in her book "Art As A WAy of Knowing" Art is a way of knowing what it is that we actually believe. Once we know what our real beliefs are, we can allow them to evolve and change if they do not serve us. Art making is a way to explore our imagination and begin to allow it to be more flexible, to learn how to see more options. Using the image-making process we can explore our many layers, loosen outworn ideas, and try out new images for ourselves. We can create and re-create our world through art making. Pat Allen
Art making is a spiritual practice where the creative process becomes an act of co-creating with the Great Spirit, aligning our awareness with a power within that is greater than we are guiding our hands, informing our imagination with infinite possibilities.

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