Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Project of Self: The Power of Affirmations

I took an entire day to focus my attention on repeating mentally a well thought out affirmation that would have the power to change the conditions of my life. I repeated this affirmation before I started my day, while driving, while eating, while walking, while reading, while making art, during my entire day in every moment I could remember to practice it. It was like I held the hand of a small child with an unwavering grip as I embedded the truth of this affirmation into my thinking and feeling atmosphere. I was given proof of the impact of my efforts when throughout the night the changes taking place in my soul revealed themselves throughout my dreams. There were dreams of floods, massive floods washing away debris, displacing people, bringing community together for survival. More dreams of packing up, preparing for a trip, saying goodbye to my home town. The best dream of all was standing on top of a flat roof that functioned as a viewing platform with railings and all. The view was of majestic mountains surrounding the small valley of activity where the packing and planning for travel was taking place; tall, green trees covered the peaks and sides of these mounds of earth. I was standing in the middle of a majestic space, a living forest reaching high up into the sky. The wind picked up and blew through the forest with such force that the sound was of a roaring applause. The trees were applauding me. I bowed to them. I sent out a prayer of thanksgiving. Below a few people had set up some chairs and were watching the show. I turned, and hugged the people coming up the stairs to celebrate with me. I am truly in the process of creating a new me, a new life. There is a power at work in me and I hold the door open for Its will through me as I use It for my Good.

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  1. Very cool, Sanna, the whole universe applauds you as you grow into your true self.