Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Will Never See a Pine Cone the Same Way Again

I recently viewed a video (link is below) that revealed to me the powerful symbolism in a pine cone. The image of the pine cone is in Catholicism, on the staff of Osiris of the underworld in Egyption mythology, with the Sumarians on staffs in their wall glyphs, the Babylonian God, Tamus, in Hinduism, on Shiva's crown is the pine cone symbol,the God Bacchus carries a staff with a pine cone at the top, Dionysus carries a staff topped with this symbol; in Buddhism atop the Buddha's head is the formation of this symbol, and on and on. It's all about the Center, the CENTER center. In the center of your brain lies the PINEAL GLAND, called such because it resembles the shape of a pine cone. The third eye: Check out Mathew 6:22. So, I am having so much fun discovering. Here's an interesting video of David Wilcock who reveals this and much more. Enjoy...

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