Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"I'm going to leave you 'God' in my will."

White Dog

The sun shimmered upon the open waters. Pink Ladies and Kniphofia uvaria (Red Hot Pokers)infused color and scent along the coastal trail. The Pacific Ocean gleamed with the warmth of the late summer sky. Then, I met a white dog--a Maltese, white locks framing its small brown eyes. His name was Jack. He came to me, gently, softly and stepped into my lap. He nuzzled his muzzle against my bosom and rested there for a moment. I held him with my soft touch. The stillness of Spirit was present in that moment. Love came from this Friend that could only be described as an expression of a Divine Presence saying hello to me, loving me. I have a special relationship with white dogs, and black dogs. During my spiritual studies I encountered the metaphor of feeding the white dog as a way to cultivate the white light, the Light over the darkness. The white light came to me today as a Maltese. The owner of Jack plans to award me ownership in his will. As if to say "I'm going to leave you 'God' in my will." ^_^ Blessings...

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