Thursday, May 14, 2009


To tread the sharp edge of a sword
To run on smooth-frozen ice,
One needs no footsteps to follow.
Walk over the cliffs with hands free.

When Jesus explained to his disciples that they had failed to heal because of lack of faith, they protested that they did have faith in God. Jesus explained to them that this was insufficient; they must have the faith of God. The faith of God is very different from a faith in God. The faith of God IS God . . . .

How easy is that? Not too easy. For to know, to realize this truth is to know God thoroughly as that which I am. It is not easy to realize that right where I am God Is, that my thoughts are God's thoughts. How can little ole me be Godlike? And then I behold the eye of a songbird, the purr of one of those feral kittens, my reflection in the mirror, my aunt's quiet smile, and then the innocence and purity that is God reveals itself to me, again. Such Peace in this knowing. Such comfort in Its Presence. Faith comes, faith serves little ole me, and the day is beautiful. Look in the mirror today and look into those eyes, into the pool of God within. Its there...Its everywhere. Amen.
(That's my Aunt Lorine 106 years on earth.)

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