Friday, May 15, 2009

Limbic Resonance

"We're familiar with the traditional senses, like your eyes give you information about electromagnetic radiation, your ears give you information about changes in sound waves. Well, there's another sensory system in the brain, which is designed to give you informatiin about the emotional state inside someone else's brain, and that sensory experience is limbic resonance. It is a two-way path, you can sense the inside of someone else's brain, they can sense the inside of yours, and each person influences the other. It's a two-way sensory experience of emotion."

(Excerpt from If I Live to Be a Hundred)

So, here is the challenge for someone sensitized to this limbic resonance. When I walk into a room and the emotional state of someone is repressed, or the people I am interacting with carry charged, negative emotions I am deeply affected by them. Sometimes I have to leave the environment to clear this sensory overload. My family and friends sometimes give me advice based on their fear about what my life looks like to them. I end up not hearing their words but instead experience incredible fear that is not based within me. Projections can be quite the sticky wicket when charged emotions are sensed by the receiving party resulting in "What the heck do I do with this?" The first step in my experience is developing the discrimination to know what emotions are mine and what emotions I am sensing from my environment. I can't always do this. I have witnessed repressing this experience of this limbic resonance, projecting the emotions outward--like a reflex, or acting out the emotions as a way of discharging the experience. The question is: who is responsible for these emotions that seem to bounce from one person to another? How on earth do we claim ownership of emotions that show up within us and do not originate or belong to us? Living life as an empath or telepath heightens this experience and has it own set of challenges. I believe we all have this capacity as stated in the beginning. How conscious are you of this dynamic? When you feel fear, anger, or irritability is it yours? I enjoy this sensitivity when I am with someone who has cultivated unconditional love, has tapped into a deep peace and divine understanding emotionally. This is a real treat--like tasting candy....The spiritual practice of meditation, and affirmations are tools that are invaluable for me because they assist me in rooting my awareness in a strength that withstands what feels like an onslaught of emotional experience from the world and roots me in divine peace, divine love. I wonder how this limbic resonance works with the roses. Plants and animals are emotional entities themselves. No wonder I spend so much of my time in nature, where God wears itself in such beauty and peace.

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