Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Name of God

by R.H. Grenville

The name of God unto all generations
Requires no proud and princely oriflamme
Emblazoned with high titles,--just the simple
Pronouncement of Infinity: I AM.

And now all flowers in their gracious growing,
All mountains and all forests standing tall;
All stars shining and all streams in flowing,
Proclaim the presence of the All-in-All.

The wing that bears the bird, the green shoot springing
Out of the earth where frost has lately trod,
All joy, all life, all tenderness, all beauty
Declare the grandeur of the Living God.

Dearest of all dear names, and sweetest music
Ever to quicken the discouraged heart
Is Life's eternal covenant, proclaiming
With quiet certainty: "I AM, thou art!"

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