Monday, August 24, 2009

Women In the Bible

Excerpt from "Women & the Bible" by Dr. Rocco Errico

In the letters of Paul it is stated: Women are to be subject to their husbands.

The following verses are rarely paired with the above statement even though they follow in succession:
And husbands love your wives even as Christ gave His life and love to the church. The woman is submissive to a husband that has the same love, self-sacrificing love, that Christ had for the church. So, the husband is to have this same love for his wife.

"Wives be subject--Husbands give your life for them just as Christ did for the Church.

"For there is no male or female in Christ."

"The bible is used like a cafeteria, we pick up what we want and leave what we don't want."

The basic spiritual principle in New Thought: We are all One and the same, equal in Spirit, in Unity with all of Life. And so it is. Amen.

There is Man and then there is Womb-Man.

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