Friday, October 2, 2009

From an Ex-Marine

"A Soldiers Rock"

This moving verse was created during one of my classes this week and I have permission to share it. This person is in a Day Services for Adults program, elderly. I am always surprised to discover the stories of these folks when I take the time to tune in and really see them. We have an adult who was injured in a hurricane and is now confined to a wheel chair, can barely speak, and yet she is so cheerful, and full of life. I didn't know until today that she has two children and four grandchildren. First impressions do not yield the richness of a life behind the scenes of flesh, and nerve responses.

In Loving Memory
To Lillian

Alone, today, I wander through
discarded memories of my life
And step around decaying thoughts
And perished dreams of long ago;
And now I know.

There was a time when tides were high
The sea of love reached up to me,
It rose, it swelled, it surged, but I was safe
Above the force of love.
And now I know.

A barren rock of loneliness,
I proudly stood above the sea;
The gift of love receded when the tides of life
Were gone from me
And now I know.


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