Friday, October 2, 2009

Color, Color, Color

I sat in on a lecture today about the biology of aesthetics, by Stephen Palmer from UC Berkeley. Sooooo scientific--my brain hurt. I realized how intuitively focused I have become. Anyway, one conclusion made was that color preferences seem to be survival based in that they lead us to healthy food, and healthy behaviors. Collectively we prefer the color blue, as opposed to poopy brown, or snotty-food rotting yellowish green. Bees and hummingbirds came to mind as I recall they find their flowers, source of food, by color--just like us! There were gender differences as well. Females prefer muted colors, thus men tend to wear muted colors to attract the female. Men prefer saturated, or vivd colors and women tend to wear bright colors to attract males. I unwittingly wore a tie dye blousy thing to the lecture and was pleased to learn that sophisticated people tend to wear and prefer variety of saturated and bright colors. Well, who knew....What color is cyan? (blue-green in contrast to green-blue) What's your favorite color? (besides blue...)

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