Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rich or Poor?

I read a sweet story recently about a widow raising 5 children. Their shoes had holes on the bottom, their dresses were worn and tattered. Their church announced that there was a poor family among their congregation that needed help and that a special collection was happening that day to provide money for that family. This widow and her children were very excited to be able to help someone and scrimped and saved their pennies, worked more odd jobs,turned off the lights earlier in the evening and managed to save quite a bit for the mysterious family. When the collection was gathered it was delivered to this widow and her children. The children in this family were shocked to learn that they were poor. It had never been their experience. They loved sharing the same knife at dinner. The freedom and comraderie that came with sharing with each other created a sense of being very rich in their minds. The mood created by this donation from the church was down right depressing. So, the family, through another announcement at the church, gave their money to a fund drive for Africa and their joy returned. Wealth is in the mind of the beholder.

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