Friday, October 23, 2009

Luther Burbank's Digs

I had a couple of hours to explore while my car was having a new fuel pump put in this morning, so I walked through Julliard Park and watched a group learn Tai Chi. They wouldn't let me join them without paying $10. I'm wondering about our society--I don't think anyone is charged to do Tai Chi in the park in China. After enjoying the park, I crossed the street and entered a little piece of heaven that was Luther Burbank's Home back in 1914 or so. His rose garden is in bloom, the scents...ahhh, the friendly folks chatting all about plants and gardening, and then there was this beautiful lady of a copper beech tree.
"It is well for people who think to change their minds occasionally in order to keep them clean. For those who do not think, it is best at least to rearrange their prejudices once in a while."
Luther Burbank
Did you know that Luther hung out with Henry and Thomas (Ford & Edison)? they were best friends, right here in Sonoma County. Wow...

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