Friday, November 22, 2013

I Was Only Raking Leaves

I was only raking leaves.
Raking piles of leaves like snow drifts
wind-blown against the house,
raking them away from the pathway.
The gusts responsible for this pile up
lingered still,
at first blowing the leaves back,
undoing my work.
The wind, like an unruly puppy,
Wagging and wriggling around my legs.
danced around me, through me,
teasing me.
I talked to the wind.
“Nooo”, I pleaded, “not over there”
as the leaves spurted up into the air
waist high,
and scuttled,
re-cluttering the pathway.
I fought to gather the leaves with my rake,
the wind puffs shifted,
blowing the leaves in the direction I was moving them.
I giggled with the wind.
“Yes, thank you.”
My task became easier,
and I chose to believe there was a power in the wind,
playing with me in the morning sun.
I was not alone in the autumn morning frolic
of leaves and wind
and sun and rake
and me.
I was courting the Power in the wind,
flirting with the Power in air current.
Then the Power in the wind
kissed my legs,
embraced the back of my knees,
and the inside of my thighs,
then laughed softly in my ears.
I fell in Love right then,
and walked with a quiet grin
throughout the temperate, autumn day.

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