Sunday, November 10, 2013

When Feeling Left Out is Feeling Let In

In the New Thought Philosophy of belief there is a spiritual law that says: The Universe is for you, the Universe seeks to give you only Good, there is only Good everywhere all the time.

So what is happening when a person finds themselves lamenting about what they don’t have?

I found myself feeling left out and disappointed about a missed opportunity. So, one morning during my meditation a still small voice piped in and said, “Do you really want to be included in that situation? Are you sure you would be satisfied and fulfilled participating in that opportunity?”

I had to stop and think about that question. In truth I did not want to be ‘there’. I was right to choose to be right where I was. My soul would be compromised and unhappy trying to make things work in a situation that I did not resonate with. Oh, what a lift to realize this! It was totally unfounded for me to feel sad, left out, passed over, or ignored. Such a breath of freedom to know I have chosen to be right where I am. I felt happy; no more blame; no more lusting after something that I had perceived as being denied me by others, when in truth I had chosen to be right where I am for very good reasons.

So now, instead of feeling left out, I feel let in. I am feeling let in to the Good that is for me right here. We are all where we have chosen to be.

Perhaps the next question might be: What quality of life are you wanting more of that you perceive to be “over there”? Is it where you are and just not yet seen or felt?

May Peace Be With You.

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