Monday, September 21, 2009

Something Different

Picture of hand folding work sweat shop in 1907.

I like to challenge myself to do something different on a regular basis simply to bring fresh scenes, people, ideas and experiences into my life. Well, Sunday I decided to go to a Progessives Festival. I learned a great deal about Chevron as the largest corporation in the world, and how it has a hold of our state government. I learned that socialism is already here, we are living in it, and the corporate giants of America wouldn't survive without it in the form of the handouts the government has given them. Noticably lacking on the information tables and in the presentations was any kind of spiritual perspective or strategy for coping with all of this information that was painting such astark and painful picture of the politics and the disregard for humanity and life in how corporate giants were behaving and doing business. Suddenly, during a song about killing the giant lion king called "Citibank" a man down the path near a table began shouting and screaming with such agony "I hate America!!! I hate America!!!" The pain of how our citizens were regarded and treated was being expressed in no uncertain terms. I was relieved to hear him shouting because as I looked at the people, they were quietly eating, chatting with their neighbors, and were quite sedate during this information sit-in. I confess, I had to leave before the entertainment and the "debriefing reggae music for winding down" even started. Something different....

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